Just saying, this may as well be my final post, perhaps until December 2019, perhaps forever. I am going to be helping people with prophecies, for warrior cats, and for other stories/books as well. I was wondering if this is a good prophecy though first.

A token of the misty air, the blue day skies, a nightmare, one that senses but always seeks, awaits a tomb below mountain steeps. Darkened clouds across the sky, one who sees where the secrets lie. A path only the silver raven knows, and guides a spirit through shadows, a whisper is told upon the stars, and darkness is cast through the lightest of hearts. The skies shall bring an immortal curse, causing death upon the only adverse.
~ Spirit O’ The Starry Skies

If this is good then I might help y’all with your own prophecies, but then again I am not the writer of your book. I will answer as many questions/comments as I can, and please give a description of the cats and events of the prophecy or omen or even vision(if there are any), and please enjoy your day!

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  1. What are the event(s), the main character(s), and prime action(s) that affect the story? Also nice title. I have fan-fics being made called Trigger’s Desire, BearClaw’s Acumen, Ebonyspirit’s Deception, Tales O’ Three, and a huge guide on the religions, origins, characters, stories, myths, codes, and the Spirit’s on the three Clans and two Tribes called Home of the Spirit Dweller.

    1. Midnight’s a rogue and then she meets Redstorm, Redstorm had a vision about her. Main characters are Redstorm,Midnight,and Midnight’s sister Leaffall. Redstorm becomes deputy and then leader making Midnight his deputy but Midnight and her sister have to leave the clan for an unknown reason .-. I also hv Redstorm’s Destiny. and i’m going to do Hollowstream’s journey

  2. Ok how do you like this prophecy? You may change it if you don’t like it.
    Black as a night that has no stars, a storm will rise with a dawn as red as fire, bringing the day through to dusk and the darkest night shall rise again. But a silver claw scratch in the sky banishes the shadowed leaves, casting light upon the clouds, a storm brings unity upon a breeze.

    Black as a night that has no star = Midnight
    Storm will rise with a dawn as red as fire = Redstorm
    Silver claw = unknown cause for Midnight and Leaffall leaving.
    Shadowed leaves = Midnight and Leaffall

    I really hope you like it. You may come up with the rest, just a idea for your story! Thank you!

  3. Ebony, you think you’re “ok” at making prophecies, but really, you’re amazing at it. I can’t wait to see the final product of the story, and don’t stress yourself out on the way.

  4. Heyo, SpiritO’TheStarySkies! I looked at the comment on I need help, and thanks for commenting! I see you’re a fan of Warriors, like me! I’ve been looking for a prophecy about three sisters,-

    One, evil and insane.
    One, old and wise.
    One, young and free-spirited.
    The’ll be know as The Three Snow Sisters, due to their pelt colors.
    Their names are Silverheart, (Da evil one) Racoontail, (The old and wise one) and Snowing (the young and free-spirited one.) I’m trying to think about a prophecy about Silverheart, and how she’ll try and kill her other sisters. Thanks!

    Good luck from,

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