I have had some questions myself on the story, as there might be a few gaps in it as well. To fill in these gaps I decided to do a manga about the cats of the story. At the moment I am finishing up the cover, (I am so sorry Ash I can’t fit all seven cats on the page so I will be doing five) and I will be doing chapters in the manga. Now I’m at the moment having a problem on space, so I’m planning on scraping the idea on a color manga, but that’s only because of two reasons: reason one- I might never be posting art/writing again. The second reason is that I am having problems with space , as mentioned before, this is one of my more major problems. But yet again there’s another thing that I’d like to say, why I wasn’t writing is because I was working on the art. It takes up a lot of time to do a cover with five different cats, and I wasn’t on at all yesterday, and really haven’t been writing the day before that. So now I feel really bad because I’ve been ignoring Silverpelt, and that I’ll probably never finish with anything or even be on Silverpelt again due to these facts. And also sorry because I’m still working on the character/OC lists and I’ll probably never finish those either.

Sincerely~ Ebonyspirit

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