Hey everyone, nothing to write(Again) so I’m adding yet another OC to the characters, and maybe some lost past to some OCs that went missing from the list.

These OCs are in courtesy of: Mistylands

Thistlekit(Maybe will be Thistledream but that’s still being decided)- abnormally small, with long light grey tabby fur, whimsical persona and pretty much in the clouds all day, has dark blue dreamy eyes and has a liking for the medicine den. Only four moons old so far, tomcat, good with plants, mother is Milkbliss and father is Brownwinter.

Brownwinter- silver tabby tom with amber eyes, mate is Milkbliss, kit is Thistlekit.

Also Misty has made the suggestion that Oneriver should be Brownwinter’s brother, I really don’t know Oneriver’s kin, mainly because his prefix was One since he was the only kit born to his mother and father. But perhaps Brownwinter could be his half brother to a different queen. I don’t know….

One last thing, there have been so many more OCs added to the Clans that I’m planning on making a series of maps on the territories and a new OC list for the Clans. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Thistlekit”

    1. I have an idea that about Brownwinter that I found intriguing. Maybe Oneriver’s father went missing for a time and returned with a rogue she-cat’s kit, who he named Brownkit, Milkbliss was an apprentice at this time, and when Brownkit became Brownpaw, they fell in love and soon had Thistlekit after becoming warriors.

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