One of the reasons why I may not know where to start is because I am not starting where the characters who will be viewing this first came from. So a second hand explanation might help, and why I am asking who should have the prologue of Tales of Three.
So the cat named BearClaw, lets start about him. He never came from a Clan, but rather a Tribe, and was raised alongside his littermate, Ursa. His Tribe was small, only a few cats who chose to roam the cliffs and dwell in the caves, they were a myth to the Clans, called Cave-dwellers or Cliff-dwellers for their unique skills. The Tribe lived in a ravine that had many crevices and caves for shelter, and little shade so prey was scarce except for in the caves, as the cats sometimes found rats or mice in the darkness of them. BearClaw was in a way blind, as he was one of the cats assigned to hunt in the caves and lived in the darkness for so long that he had a hard time seeing in the daylight.
The ravine was located in the north of Green Vines, what the cats called their oak forest for the lush foliage in green season, so was closest to the territories of AuraClan and LakeClan, but was rarely traveled to. A drought came, scaring prey ever deeper into their holes so that the Tribe cats could never find food, and eventually left or died in the ravine from starvation. BearClaw was the last cat that remained of the group that stayed, his sister gone to StarClan and BearClaw’s faith lost. He wished that he had never let his sister stay, and one night, beneath a claw scratch of a moon, the journey that he should’ve took long ago began.
Shimmershade was at onetime a wild cat with his brothers, Whiteshade and Darkshade. Their father, Trigger, had not wanted them though their mother SphinxClaw, had wished to live out her life with her family. Trigger took his three kits to a pair of elderly twolegs when they were barely a moon old. This was because for many seasons he had hunted with his mate, who was also a Tribe cat, and did not want anything to get in the way of that, so gave the kits a better home than they would’ve needed. The kits lived their first moons there, happily visiting other house cats. When Darkshade died from a car accident, Shimmershade took to traveling the streets. He soon returned regretting he had left, but another accident involving the death of his owners caused him to flee, while his brother, Whiteshade, abandoned him to live with twolegs. Shimmershade later found GhostClan, whose medicine cat died without having an apprentice, and the leader Mistwhisper took it as a sign at Shimmershade’s arrival that Shimmershade would be the next medicine cat. Mistwhisper hadn’t received his Star name because the previous leader had died at the same incident as the previous medicine cat did, and StarClan refused him out of anger that GhostClan seemed to be dying. Mistwhisper trained Shimmershade what he knew as a medicine cat, then Shimmershade went to the Lake Shadows to speak with StarClan, where I would have started the Prologue have I not be so confused.
StarClan, the way that the Erins’ often start a book, with a prophecy or a vision or just plain talking. To be honest, StarClan is important, but wouldn’t affect the story as much as living characters, as mentioned before. The Tribes call them Ones that Seek, for the way they seek life and sometimes seek out the living themselves. Clans have few names for them, Spirits, StarClan, but the way cats of StarClan affect the main characters, may also have an affect on the story.
So the story also depends on the character who sets it off, when, and what the character’s origins are.

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