Now since we got all of the POVs we need a prologue and a plot, which depends on the characters’ decision and personalities, and also what prophecies they may or may not have received. The Prologue of the story is to be the set off of the plot, the beginning, yet doesn’t give too much away. Also I may be using one of the POVs for the Prologue, such as BearClaw or Shimmershade, I can’t decide between the two, who will begin the story either with Shimmershade’s vision/prophecy or the end of BearClaw’s Tribe, in which he starts his journey. But the Prologue could also be the council of what the Erin Hunters call StarClan. Another thing, the Prologue will affect the story, as each character experiences different things and feels different ways, their choices will have a impact. The StarClan cats won’t effect the plot much, but the living cats who have a connection with their Clanmates still will. Shimmershade and BearClaw are two very different cats for one. Shimmershade was not born to the Clan he is now loyal to. BearClaw was born to his Tribe alongside his littermate, and how the cats trust each other and relate to each other might affect the story.
Who do you think should rule the plot?

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