Ebonyspirit/Spirit of the Starry Skies’ Fan Fiction Continued I Need Some Help Here Stargazers!

So just yesterday I found the blogs page, I am very new to this site, but I feel like I owe something to it. I have often looked at Silverpelt’s Prefixes and Suffixes page for OC names, and I’m also a writer who gets a terrible case of writer’s block, in which I have been getting a lot lately.
I’ve been working for nearly three months now and I still do not have a Prologue planned, which isn’t surprising because I don’t know what to do. This is only a FANFICTION not a super neatly written and planned out book, but still, my OCs deserve justice.

I’ve planned three cats whose Point of Views will be in the first book, yes I might make a series if the first book goes well. But I need to get past the prologue, and I don’t know what cat or cats will be in that. The first through the last Chapters will be viewed by these three.
Ebonyspirit, BearClaw, and Shimmershade.
I don’t know the order of them, but how they are arranged will affect the story.
In the second book, if I ever will get to it when I am done with this, it can be viewed by any cat, but Ebonyspirit, BearClaw and Shimmershade will all be Points of View in it. Other OCs are allowed, people can permit me to use them, but only how they want me to use them. I am thinking of adding a fourth point of view in the first book, so suggestions would be great. It can be any cat. Votes are also allowed, for my OCs or other peoples but only if they permit me to use them.
If you want me to use your OC please fill this out.
*Reason For Name:
*Former Name(s):
Overall Appearances:
Eye Color:
*Kin(Mate, Kits, Parents, Siblings, Other Kin):
*Other Relationships(Including Mentor(s), Apprentice(s), Friend(s), Enemies) ect):
*Skills(Special Or Normal:
*Clan(s), Tribe(s), Cluster(s) ect:
*Detailed Background:
Things that are not required are marked *
But I would appreciate if you did do them!

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