Testing New Chats

Hello Stargazers~

Sadly the shoutboxes close tomorrow.

I am testing various chats on the main side bar and on the roleplay page. From the ones I have up, I personally like the top chatango one and is currently most likely to take over the old ones.


Please lmk if you have issue with it and your opinions on the chats.


Also if you have any other chat suggestions contact me.


I f the top chat has no issues I will likely use that for all chats.


If there are issues I will look for other alternatives.


Please give feedback of opinions and issues ^^.

14 thoughts on “Testing New Chats”

  1. I really only like the first chat. The other two are confusing and much less fun. The first one you can change the color of your name and everything soo ye

  2. I like the first one, but since it uses global usernames, people can’t use their former names. For example, I can’t be Shimmersong- I have to be Shimmersong89.

  3. I can’t scroll down, can’t sign in on Fantasy Chat, the Main Chat isn’t appearing… There are problems. AND reCAPTCHA hasn’t been working, so this is basically the only way I can talk to you, WT! Other than comments, but that place is a mess… Seriously, I don’t suggest going there. Hunterchanlol has been cursing up a storm.

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