Gender: female
Age: 9 moons
Sexuality: pansexual
Sign: Libra
Rank: Former kittypet


Tear is a fluffy blue mackeral tabby with a lighter blue color on her chest, slight underbelly. And her face. A darker blue color for tabby markings. She has amber eyes. Light blue Tufts are on her neck. Her voice is like a bird singing, it’s sweet and smooth.

“Just get to know me”

Nice | random sometimes | moody | smart | clever | agreeable | Realistic | Self-sufficient | Obediant | Graceful

Tear is a Nice she-cat. She never is really mean unless she’s moody. But that’s rare. She can be very random at times. Rarely she’s moody when she’s sad or angry. She’s smart and clever, usually a fast thinker. Solving problems. She’s agreeable, Tear agrees with almost anything unless she thinks it’s mousebrained. Tear is a realistic person, thinking spirits or any mythical thing as silly. She is very Self-sufficient, hunting for herself and taking care of herself. Sometimes even healing herself. Tear is an Obediant cat, never really breaking the rules type. She’s very grateful, her moves swift but smooth.

“how did you even know that…I wonder”

favorite color: beige
favorite prey: Vole, rabbits, sparrows
Favorite flower: Daisy’s

Mother: open

Father: open

Siblings (sisters: open

Siblings(brothers: open

Friends: open

Best friend; open

Close friends: open

Crush: open

Significant other: open

Tear was born just like a regular kit. But she was the runt of the litter. Her father always got mad and tried to hit her but luckily her mother always protected her.

“A clever soul she is
Such a agreeable soul she is.

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  1. I can guarantee that was a hacker, or something. By the date it says Tear, on all the other posts, that Whitetiger wrote, it’s says WT.

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