Shoutbox Closing

Hey Stargazers~

Just a quick notice to explain what is happening with the shoutboxes. Sadly the company that host the chatboxs is closing down.

This will mean I will need to replace the chats before the end date of the 25th.

This will not effect Silverpelt directly, I will replace the chats with another chat service once I look at options. If you have suggestions for other chat services feel free to contact me. I have already had some already.

Sadly this will mean chat accounts will be lost, and once the new chats are set up you will have to make a new account on them.

Silverpelt is not closing down.

It is sad to see the shoutboxs go, but there are alternatives I can change to, so don’t panic ^^.


15 thoughts on “Shoutbox Closing”

  1. oof. plz try to find something that will work on chromebooks though, i can only get to wcrp2 as it is when im on school wifi, and i don’t want that one to stop working, or this website to get blocked for me.


      1. yeah. i want to be able to get on here at school since thats when i have the most time. plz find something that will work for chromebooks!!!

  2. In the new chat box, I was restricted for 15 minutes for aparently sending non-meaningful messages, when I was actually just putting multiple question marks when someone asked a weird question. And then, when I tried saying hello, it said that I have been restricted for spamming the group. What the heck?

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