Ok as usually I have not been around and drama has continued.

I have infact been reading messages sent to me, but frankly I have had things going on lately and I didn’t feel like trying to deal with the drama I keep hearing.

People complaining about others or about being banned. I just didn’t want to deal with it simple as.

However it seems things have got to the point that an admin has been banned without my consent, and while I have as I said I have not been helping deal with whatever is going on here, I feel this has got too extreme.

So simply I want everyone’s opinions now, honest opinions, either comment here or send a message on the contact form if you wish to remain anonymous.

What do you think of the situation? the staff? who is fair, who is wrong? are bans unfair? are bans being undone without reason? are there people that should be banned that aren’t?

I want a mix of honest unbias opinions.

At this moment I am likely to just remove all admin roles. mods can remove spam and frankly I never wanted admins anyway. If someone is really that persistent you may just have to contact me and hope I bother to deal with it :P.

As frankly I think that it has caused more drama that it has prevented.


However I would like opinions first. If you use the contact form, be honest I will not say a word about anything you say about anyone. It will remain between you and me.


Thank you.


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    1. Hey im srry i did this off ur comment but jay os making me want to cut my self adain(mintyclaw/sunstar/storm/shadefur)

    1. Yeah, just 1 or 2 for the trolls but none more than that, everyone else could be mods so nobody is banned nearly as much

  1. Hey WT,
    I may not be the most active person on SP, but I guess I could provide my opinion on some things.
    Right now, I personally think that the discord is understandable, and so is your conclusion. SP had problems before we had mods, but it wasn’t like it currently is. Staff vs. Users, Staff vs. Staff, it reminds me of an all out brawl. And technically, no one’s wrong.
    You’re allowed to have a problem with someone, but there are ways to express that in a respectful and peaceful manner. And sometimes I feel that people are picking fights with admins or mods on purpose.
    I don’t know enough about the current state of the bans, so I won’t comment on that. But, I see banning as a last resort punishment. If talking to the person, deleting their messages, etc. doesn’t work, and the person is a repeat offender, then banning becomes a *possible* option. I honestly don’t see why anyone’s getting banned at all. SP wanted admins to deal with hackers and trolls, not anyone who disrespects someone.
    Well that’s all I can really say about the issue.
    Have a nice day,

    1. “You’re allowed to have a problem with someone, but there are ways to express that in a respectful and peaceful manner. ”
      I totally agree with everything Adderleaf just said. I think that demoting admins is gonna cause more drama, because the admins that were demoted are gonna freak out. I think that you should only demote admins to mods if they unnecessarily ban or unban people.


  2. Admins should be changed, but definitely not removed People like, sorry to say names, but Dragon, Cloudy, and Perse? They were people banned for good reaso, and unbanned by- I believe- Flowerleap or Oceamask. They should’ve stayed banned, as well as Flowerleap.

    1. Just realized I said Flowerleap should have stayed banned. Not what I meant AT ALL. I meant “They should’ve stayed banned, this is directed towards Flowerleap.” I am sorry for the misunderstanding. 😀

  3. I have an opinion in this. I don’t WANT them to be banned! I know this mod, and personally, they’re the most USEFUL mod I know! So I don’t need them to be banned.


  4. I feel like there’s definitely been some drama going around. Mainly because people who were banned have supporters, just like everyone does. However, I feel like flower went a bit too far by unbanning some people who had a reason to be banned, such as September Page. However, The choice is yours. I’m just offering my opinion. Have a nice day.

  5. I think it’s not really fair if people are banned with out reason, by it is fair if it is with a reasonable reason, for Flowerleaf, we all make mistakes no?where humans!its what we do, we sin, we make mistakes, but we (usually) learn from them.I believe people should only be banned if they are hacking or trolling, not because of mistakes of arguments, but that’s just my opinion, you do you WT.

    ~Your LittleStar~

  6. I think it’s a terrible idea to have more than one or two admins personally. I think you should just keep at least two of you’re most trusted admins, and, maybe one new one.


  7. I think that all the admins should be mods, and all the mods that aren’t online every month should be reduced to users.

    As for Flower and Ocean, I don’t anyone told them it was perm. or so.

    Maybe the rules could be more specific.

  8. This shoutbox has gone way too far in 1 year.
    End of 2016 – Amazing! Few trolls, lots of RP.
    End of 2017 – Almost all drama. Start of 2018 – Terrible Start to the Year.
    This needs to be fixed. More mods and admins won’t help that. We need fewer admins, fewer mods; just like the way that Silverpelt has decreased in popularity with over 100 people in 2016 NYE, and less than 70 in 2017.
    Also, as of today, there was some major drama on here, and this has pushed me to the point of almost quitting SP. If we, Stargazers, don’t fix this soon, this is going to be the end of my life on this website.

    The drama on here is also pushing me away from the series itself, and pushing me away from here will make me enjoy the series less. Sure, I will go order the new books as River of Fire is coming out next month, but as reading them over and over again just doesn’t compel with me.

    Even for me, I don’t get on very often because of school, but when I do get on, I find a ton of drama. I have screenshots of what happened and that is in a email I’ve sent to you.

    This could also possibly end my YouTube Career since about 30 subs are from SP itself.

    I hope you take this into consideration.


    1. Additionally, this will ruin everything I have. This site has increased my fluency in English, and choose and learn words and use right grammar. If this is my last time, this is the end for me. In life, on YouTube, Online.

      1. That seems that an exaggeration. It’s been some time that you’ve even been on SP, and now it’s the only things that’s supporting you?

        Ehhhh…? I dunno…

        1. Ahem, this is called, “Opinion”? Don’t judge others for their beliefs. I said I don’t get on very often. And by that, I mean like a few times a month. So don’t go around and shout out that what I’m saying is wrong. Because I’m not wrong. And you’re not wrong. Thats why it’s called opinion.

  9. This is how Drama starts, people won’t stop judging others, not all drama starts like this but sometimes it does.

  10. This is how Drama starts, people won’t stop judging others, not all drama starts like this but sometimes it does.

    Sorry if this sounds rude

  11. I think all admin roles should be removed to see if the drama will continue and if any admins still have drama don’t return them admin. But with any other admins not causing drama could have it back. And mods that are barely on SP shall be removed. Just a suggestion…

  12. ALL admins should go. There have been little to no trolls since before 2018 started. Jay is banning people for small things. September, etc, maybe not. But Flower, Grimm, Dream… seems unnecessary. And Ocean hasn’t been active for some time (Fernheart, TOC, Nettle, Sage, Minky and Echo are also inactive. Shimmerand Rowan maybe come on once or twice a month from what I’ve seen. Finch and Floofy’s visit have decreased).We keep adding more and more staff, but most of them aren’t even online. We should have maybe three mods, and one admin, WT.

    Mossy has a point, too. WT never stated whether permanent or one day bans were the ideal format. We do also need more rules.

    Lauri stated that admins may pick favorites when you issued that strikes we’re removed. That’s another problem that reoccur said with admins. They pick their friends and just ban (or threaten to) everyone else who took place in the arguement. Ex: Shimmer cursed and was involved in a long lasting debate, and Ocean banned the other user, but spared Shimmer because they were friends. This may happen with Brook and Hay, or Hullo and Floofy. Or Jack and Flower.

    All admins gone. Three mods. Lower the rest to users.

    1. Just saying, TOC’s left, Nettle’s left(even though I can still talk to her on SW and Discord). I don’t know about Mink. Just an update. And about decreasing mods, I also agree. Also, Happy Pi Day!

  13. White Tiger, like most of of these people had said, drama comes from mostly Admins. Maybe it’s because the power has gone to their head? I don’t know why
    I think you should keep it like it was before, 3 Admins (Ocean, Finch, Flower) and a few mods, because back then , it was peaceful, nice society. After Jay (your still my friendo) became Admin, things got out of control.
    I think it’s because he doesn’t want another Sep accident? Maybe. But lots of people have stopped coming or have been banned, which has made a lot of young, innocent people lose friends. I was hit hard after my friend got banned.
    If you want to remove some mods and admins, that is up to you. But please take some of our opinions in mind
    ~BookCat ;-;

  14. I’ve decided to share some of the emails I sent to WhiteTiger a week or two ago. Please do not take any offense to the content.

    Hello, WhiteTiger. I am writing to you concerning some of the posts you made about a week ago, when you were contemplating demoting all admins to the level of moderator. I completely agree with you, and think it would actually save Silverpelt from a lot of the drama. However, I am aware that there are a large amount of Stargazers who are teaming up in hopes to keep the admins at the admin title. I disagree with this group of Stargazers, as i believe that it would be much better for Silverpelt’s economy if we had a team of moderators who all had equal abilities, and need to send you an email requesting a ban if they think a user deserves it. As of now, they have the abilities to delete shouts, edit shouts, and ban users, correct? I firmly believe that having a team of moderators would be much more efficient. The ability to ban is one of which that one person should possess (you, of course), and can easily be misused if put in the wrong hands. Many users have been banned by the administrator Jaywhisper within the past month. No, I am not saying that trolls shouldn’t be banned. I am simply stating that some of the Stargazers he has banned did not deserve it. I think that every user deserves a fair trial, but Jaywhisper’s decisions can be rather impulsive at times. So here’s my proposal: We demote all moderators to the level of admin. This way, they can delete all troll, spam, or drama messages. They are also able to send proof (IPs, screenshots, etc.) to you along with an explanation of why a user should be banned. Afterwards, you can choose what a fair punishment would be and take further action.

    I hope you realize how passionate I am about the well-being of this website, and I hope that the decision you decide to make on this situation will benefit all of the users and make Silverpelt an overall happier place.



    Hello, it’s Dawnshadow again.

    It is a growing concern for me (and some other Stargazers) that the administrators are not doing a good job of working together. Some administrators ban without consent of others, and then a war starts in which they throw insults back and forth at each other. Some administrators even act harshly towards congenial, innocent users, one administrator in particular (whom I shall not name) calling them “Sepsheep” and claiming that they do not speak to these so-called “Sepsheep”. Last night, Flowerleap, Oceanmask, and Jaywhisper were arguing about the powers of an administrator, some making some very blunt and vulgar comments. I believe that we need to create a system that determines if it is okay for an administrator to ban a user. Again, I will bring up the system in which you are the only administrator, and the moderators have to email you if they want a user to be banned or punished in another way. This system would minimize these blazing arguments that occur almost daily at this point. I’m doing what I can to help the Silverpelt community, but I’m afraid that it will never be what it used to be. Please, hear my plea, and do what you can.


    1. What if there’s an emergency? What if there’s a troll furiously cursing at users, and WT isn’t online? Then the mod will have to wait until WT comes and reads their email, and then ban the troll.
      But what if it’s already too late when WT reads the email? I think all admins should be demoted into mods.

  15. This website can’t be saved at this point. Nothing will help, I’ll be shocked if this website lasts another 2 years. It is doomed to die like all the rest before and after it.

  16. And if WT was the only admin what would he do?
    Nothing, as always. He never does anything. It will take him days or even weeks to ban anyone.

  17. WT, or whoever banned me, I’d like to know WHY. I don’t know why I was banned in the first place, but WT issued an unban. Why do I repeatedly get banned when I haven’t done anything wrong. Finch, Floofy and Ocean haven’t been on lately, Flower got temporarily banned as well. That leaves Jay and WT. WT issued the unban. So, Jay, if this is you, I will talk to WT myself about demontibg you to a mod.

    This applies to anyone. This is ridiculous. -Lauri

  18. Hello Adderleaf,

    I may not be the most active person (Or the most recognized for that matter) but I do know that admin work hard to keep this website under control. They make wise choices on who and who not to suspend or ban, and they always do that for a reason. If they have angry outbursts because of something they did, it is not the admins fault, but theirs alone. I believe that if you did choose to terminate admins, you would have a hard time keeping everyone under control, and Silverpelt might end up in flames.
    I know a lot of us love this website. I do myself. The problem isn’t the admins, but the inconsiderate players, who choose to throw their problems onto someone else so they do not have to carry it themselves. I’m so sorry this has happened. The answer (Though highly unlikely) could be to summon more admins (Now it sounds ridiculous) so that more people can help time the sparks of anger unleashed between persons.
    We love this website, WhiteTiger. All of us. (Except for the people who caused this problem) It is your choice whether to diminish admins or not. But my belief is that they TRY to maintain peace between fellow role-players, and I do know that they cannot stop someone from saying the things they do. That is why they ban them, as a punishment for their action taken against others.
    Please. Don’t give up hope. Not just for you, but for us, and for the whole roleplaying community.

    Keep up the great work,

    P.S. Could you help me come up with a suffix for my name? I’m stuck on Willow, I just don’t know what the last part should be X3 (Might also use Creamwhisker, I like that one a lot…)

  19. Also Admins were made in the first place to stop hackers and trolls not people saying “I hate you” or “You suck” but like COME ON MAN THEY ARE JUST SIMPLE INSULTS. I think admins are over using their powers to ban people,So pretty much the only thing they use it for it just insults not anything like hacking or trolling.

  20. Alright, I’m going to post this under this name so I’m not so bias. I’m no longer too active on SilverPelt due to things that popped up in my life but this little site used to be my life, so apologies if I’m blinded by nostalgia.

    Alright. Back in the day silverpelt wasn’t so busy, I even remember a time when WT was the only Admin. Then mods came, a lot of the spam and trolls seemed to go away due to them- it was a good solution and back then there were very few times when someone would do something worthy of a ban. But that was back then, when the site was smaller. Since this place has grown much bigger personally I think there should only be 1-3 admins and demote the rest to moderators. Moderators are absolutely necessary however the sheer amount of admins I believe are not. If there is a member that needs to be banned it should be reported immediately to an admin- a responsible one. All this fighting within the staff…it’s weird and honestly, I don’t get it. If you are immature enough to put a grudge against a user above the website itself then should they really be a moderator? And the bans, I personally believe that those banned should stay banned unless they’re moderated strictly after a few months ban. And FlowerLeap should probably get unbanned, we all have our moments and maybe we should take in all sides of the story.

    I just want Silverpelt to stay a happy place, no one on here deserves to not enjoy their time here.

    ~ An old selfish user.

  21. Hi I’m still pretty new here (joined last night) but I can see this going on and I think we all need to think about what others feel. If you offend someone and make amends (apologize) then it’s okay, now if someone is repeatedly targeting one user then no it’s not okay. This was the escape from my life but I can’t escape the drama! If a user has repeated accounts of drama put them on “probation” with a trusted user. They’re mad at admins because they feel they have no power to stop if an admin kicks them for no reason. I just like many of you all, have too much drama in my life without this. I say remove all admins until you have 2 who are your most trusted admins and if a player keeps stirring the old “Pot of Drama” that we all so love, kick them out bans are for those who have truly earned the need to be banned.

  22. I completely agree with Adderleaf. Because of drama, I’ve been off SP for two months, so I don’t know what Flowerleap did or who was un-banned… but from I’ve seen, Adderleaf has a good point.

  23. Also, I would like to add that this used to be a place for me to come and relax, but beinf off for 2 months shows how far I went to escpape all the drama. Sheesh, this is a WC website! Not a ‘you have to be banned because of drama” website!

  24. Cough I have lots of things to say about jay but I was banned. So here I am talking on here. If anyone want to know more about what jay has done please reply back to thing or add me on discord flower_mine#5393. The kind of stuff he has done should not be tolerated.

  25. Keep Finch as an admin. Only her. Demote all the others, and make sure the first one to be demoted is Jay. He can hardly come online without bringing up drama and disrupting a peaceful time anymore.

    1. Yeah he wasnt on when i was ppl were ignoring me so i said kill me and hes like ur banned for attwmted suiced so i gwt banned from not only wcrp1 but gen now i will get banned from all becuz i cant leave other people rps and go to gen like they should be able to ban u from everything but gen

    2. “Keep Finch as an admin. Only her. ” Finch rarely comes on anymore, as much as I like her as an admin only having her would be like having no admins most of the time.

  26. I agree, unless there are legit complaints that people have about someone then the person shouldn’t get banned from gen. Also, hoi!

  27. Good bye if anyone wants to know how i am ask tord when there on im done with this shout box im done with silver pelt im done with everything i wont be on wattpad i wont be on here i wont be on dicoord i wont be anywere were u will know my life if u want to ask tord goodbye

  28. Hey guys,

    WT is trying his best and you guys are only making the problem bigger. I can’t believe you’re STILL fighting over something that happened so long ago! If you don’t stop, some serious stuff could happen, and you know it. Stop it with the drama. Just… stop.

    ~ Willowlight

  29. hey, i just got banned from the second roleplay chat, and i have people in my class that are stalking me on this site and i’m trying to catch them. i have one caught already, Pinky Pie. if it wouldn’t be any trouble, can you plz unban me so i can catch the stalkers and tell my principal their names? it would help with a bit of the drama that happened this morning. i’ll keep you updated on the stalkers. my names are Starwatcher and Lilywhisper.


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