HELLO ALL!!! I am creating a Warriors fanfiction and I need your help! I sorta wanted to do this thing where a whole buncha peeps submit ocs and then I can put them all in a story. Idk if we are allowed to post links on here or not but i can create a google doc for those of you who have google 🙂 PLS COMMENT YOUR OC I WILL CREDIT U AND I MAY POST IF THIS WORKS OUT HOW I CREDIT PEEPS SO YOU CAN EDIT IF U WANT TYSM

I have a teeny problem…

(I’m sorry if this got posted in the wrong place I am new here) Hi, I don’t mean to criticize (because I love this site it is amazing!) but I just got banned for 15 minutes because I was apparently sending “meaningless messages” in the role play chat, then it also said I was banned because I was “spamming”!! All I was trying to do was role play with someone 🙁 Whyyyyy