More allegiances, yes.

Leader- Applestar- light cream tabby Tom with yellow eyes
(Past names- Applekit, Applepaw, Applebreeze)
Deputy- Rowanwing- red-and-black tom

Medicine cat- Snowbelly- light cream she-cat with brown face, paws, and tail-tip, pure-white underbelly
Apprentice, Nutpaw

WARRIORS (Oh frick no, names)
Dandeliontail- dark brown tom with white fluffy tail
Crowwing- dark grey she-cat
Apprentice, Snakepaw
Peachfur- red she-cat with white underbelly and paws
Apprentice, Mousepaw
(Next objective: sit in corner and cri)
(Ok thanks for reading, I might finish it in comments. In so srry ;( )


I’ll try, and prob fail

Leader: Reedstar- brown she-cat with darker flecks
Deputy: Lakeshadow- pitch black Tom
Medicine cat: Heronfeather- black-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Finchcloud

Foxfang- ginger Tom
Apprentice, Deerpaw
Poppytail- cream-and-white she-cat
Bagerpelt- huge black-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Stormpaw
Frostgaze- white she-cat with frosty blue eyes
Apprentice, Pinepaw
Leafshade- brown she-cat
Snowfoot (meh aunt’s cat)- black she-cat with white muzzle and paws
Eaglecall- dark brown Tom
Darkflame- (very) dark grey Tom with black paws
Apprentice, Owlpaw
Lynxwish- blue-grey she-cat
Apprentice, Troutpaw
Petalfrost- tortie she-cat with frosty blue eyes
Salmonleap- grey she-cat with lighter underbelly
Apprentice, Gingerpaw
Tansyleaf- brown-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Brightpaw
Lilyheart- grey she-cat with lavender eyes
Brokenheart- (battle-scarred) dark grey Tom with white spots
Apprentice, hootpaw (former rouge)
Snowing- beautiful white-and-grey she-cat
Bloomingheart- grey-and-white she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice, Racoonpaw
Torntail- cream she-cat with ripped-off tail
Stormpaw- grey Tom with white underbelly
Finchcloud- tabby Tom with white underbelly
Deerpaw- light brown she-cat
Pinepaw- calico Tom
Hootpaw- black-and-brown Tom
Owlpaw- tabby Tom with brown stripe and tail
Troutpaw- brown she-cat with white underbelly
Gingerpaw- ginger Tom
Raccoonpaw- white she-cat with grey tail
Brightpaw- white she-cat with ginger patches

Quailwing- tortie she-cat
Kits- Daisykit, Basilkit
Petalstorm- dark grey she-cat
Kits- Roosterkit, Dawnkit, Sunkit
Snowcloud- white she-cat with grey patches
Kits- has not kitted yet

Hailpool- grey Tom
Fawnfur- brown she-cat with white flecks, former retired leader
Reedfoot- dark brown Tom
Redfang- red-and-black tom
Foxstep- ginger she-cat with fox-like markings

Holy crap, this took forever.