I Live.

Just a small update to say yes I am alive.


I won’t go into detail, but I have had a mix of various personal issues and mixed in with my natural laziness and lack of motivation I have once again neglected the site for a long time.


It wasn’t even intended this time either.

One day I was walking home with some notes for a short story to add the the site when I got a phone call that basically turned my life upside down. Again I won’t share any details but yeah that is my excuse.

I have been wanting to come back. I have had various audiobooks of the newer books for a long time butĀ for various reasons put them off.

I am finally listening to them and as expected they have given me a little motivation to poke my head back in here.


As you have probably noticed the rules have been updated as requested and I have added new chatango chats.

I have also updated a few outdated pages such as the book pages. I may go through some others bit by bit too.


So if you have any suggestions feel free to share here. If you know any pages that need any major changes / updates or just want to comment on the chat related side.


Thank you all for visiting, it doe’s truly make me happy this silly little fan project I once did became so popular.