A Review For Those Who Are New To Silverpelt

So since summer is over for a lot of you, more people have decided to join Silverpelt. For those who are new, there are some VERY common questions that are asked when someone joins without being explained to about the site. I’ll just review some of these questions and explain about the site.
So questions first!
What is Silverpelt?
Well that depends, in the Warrior Cat series, Silverpelt is the Milkyway, or the band of stars in the sky, who the cats in the books believe are their warrior ancestors. The site is named after it, and is based on the warrior series. It has become a community, and has multiple Roleplay chats and pages of which explain about the warrior cat series. My personal favorite pages are the blog and the chats, which I use most often, and I suppose that I use the blog more than anyone else.
When roleplaying, there are many terms. There are still terms that I don’t know, but I’ll list as many as I can.
Term Meaning
Gtg Got to go
Brb Be right back
RP Roleplay
Ty Thank you
Thx Thanks
Np No problem
Sp Silverpelt

Like I have said, there are many more terms and I can’t list them all. Please comment if you’d like to add any more.

What do I do if there’s any problems?
Well, I understand that there’s a Contact Me page, where you can contact the owner of Silverpelt, but so you know, that won’t work, because the owner themselves has quit Silverpelt, so if you do have a problem (this is only a suggestion that works for the chats) contact the moderators, with a yellow badge icon next to their usernames.

Now for my opinion.
So I think of Silverpelt as a fun, interactive, online Roleplay site that is enjoyable for people potentially of all ages. I say potentially because it’s not the site that’s the problem it is the community itself. Cussing may be a problem, but the mods don’t seem to care to stop that. The drama is mild, but there can be situations that can cause real problems. I like the chats. I just do. I also like how much better I have been able to get at English (of course it doesn’t help that I use a mobile device) and I like that there’s a page that you can write whatever you want. So a simple review on what Silverpelt is like and about, I hope you all like it too.