Testing New Chats

Hello Stargazers~

Sadly the shoutboxes close tomorrow.

I am testing various chats on the main side bar and on the roleplay page. From the ones I have up, I personally like the top chatango one and is currently most likely to take over the old ones.


Please lmk if you have issue with it and your opinions on the chats.


Also if you have any other chat suggestions contact me.


I f the top chat has no issues I will likely use that for all chats.


If there are issues I will look for other alternatives.


Please give feedback of opinions and issues ^^.

Clan Fanfic Help??

Hey!! Sandstar here with some info on my clan Shiver clan and Hawkclan! More posts for other clans to follow! I have listed all the warriors for the fic, but if you would like me to add your oc in for another clan such as Thisleclan(Leader is Sparrowstar) or Dustclan(Leader is Moonstar)

Leader: Brislestar

Deputy: Stonejaw

1 Splashfur
2 Littletail
3 Fogleap
4 Cindeye
5 Tawnymoon
6 Leapordheart
7 Creekshadow
8 Talonpelt
9 Frostedeye
10 N/A
11 N/A
1 Brightfur
2 Wildrose
3 N/A
1 Littlekit [Brightfur’s kit
2 Rushingkit [Brightfur’s kit
3 Cloverkit [Brightfur’s kit
4 Vixenkit[ Wildrose’s kit
5 Hollowkit[Wildrose’s kit
6 Adderkit[Wildrose’s kit
7 N/A
8 N/A
Med Cat: Maplepool
1 Heatherpaw(Pelt)
2 Dawnpaw(Feather)
3 Spottedpaw(Stone)
That’s Shiverclan! And here is Hawkclan, my personal favorite clan!
Leader: Sandstar. A female cream pointed siamese with sky blue eyes. Great at hunting and is very loving.

Deputy: Redfern, A male dark red/ginger cat, The jokester of the clan. Great mate and deputy. Smart when it comes to strategy and planning attacks.

1 Rushingstorm
2 Swiftpaw
3 Frostsong
4 Meadowgaze
5 Croweye
6 Thornclaw
7 Nightleap
8 Bearheart
9 Sunshadow
1 Streampelt(Mates with Sunshadow
2 Robinpelt (Hasn’t had kits yet. Mates with Nightleap
1 Tanglekit(Streampelt’s kit
2 Mistkit(Streampelt’s kit
3 Petalkit(Streampelt’s kit
4 Shadowkit(Streampelt’s kit
5 N/A
6 N/A
7 N/A
8 N/A
Med Cat: Slickpelt
1 Owlpaw(Croweye’s apprentice(Eyes)
2 Dustpaw(Redferns apprentice(Tail)
3 Finchpaw(Bearheart apprentice(Feather)
4 Rainpaw(Frostsong’s apprentince)(Song)
5 N/A
Sorry the post is so long, but if you have any questions, just ask away!
-Sandstar, leader of Hawkclan



Gender: female
Age: 9 moons
Sexuality: pansexual
Sign: Libra
Rank: Former kittypet


Tear is a fluffy blue mackeral tabby with a lighter blue color on her chest, slight underbelly. And her face. A darker blue color for tabby markings. She has amber eyes. Light blue Tufts are on her neck. Her voice is like a bird singing, it’s sweet and smooth.

“Just get to know me”

Nice | random sometimes | moody | smart | clever | agreeable | Realistic | Self-sufficient | Obediant | Graceful

Tear is a Nice she-cat. She never is really mean unless she’s moody. But that’s rare. She can be very random at times. Rarely she’s moody when she’s sad or angry. She’s smart and clever, usually a fast thinker. Solving problems. She’s agreeable, Tear agrees with almost anything unless she thinks it’s mousebrained. Tear is a realistic person, thinking spirits or any mythical thing as silly. She is very Self-sufficient, hunting for herself and taking care of herself. Sometimes even healing herself. Tear is an Obediant cat, never really breaking the rules type. She’s very grateful, her moves swift but smooth.

“how did you even know that…I wonder”

favorite color: beige
favorite prey: Vole, rabbits, sparrows
Favorite flower: Daisy’s

Mother: open

Father: open

Siblings (sisters: open

Siblings(brothers: open

Friends: open

Best friend; open

Close friends: open

Crush: open

Significant other: open

Tear was born just like a regular kit. But she was the runt of the litter. Her father always got mad and tried to hit her but luckily her mother always protected her.

“A clever soul she is
Such a agreeable soul she is.

Shoutbox Closing

Hey Stargazers~

Just a quick notice to explain what is happening with the shoutboxes. Sadly the company that host the chatboxs is closing down.

This will mean I will need to replace the chats before the end date of the 25th.

This will not effect Silverpelt directly, I will replace the chats with another chat service once I look at options. If you have suggestions for other chat services feel free to contact me. I have already had some already.

Sadly this will mean chat accounts will be lost, and once the new chats are set up you will have to make a new account on them.

Silverpelt is not closing down.

It is sad to see the shoutboxs go, but there are alternatives I can change to, so don’t panic ^^.