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yes i am a fan so is my bff and she showed me this site i think i will like this site very much and thunder clan is the best clan duh anyways i just am such a big fan and i am glad that she showed me this site bc i will use it a lot that for sure.

Clan Fanfic Help??

Hey!! Sandstar here with some info on my clan Shiver clan and Hawkclan! More posts for other clans to follow! I have listed all the warriors for the fic, but if you would like me to add your oc in for another clan such as Thisleclan(Leader is Sparrowstar) or Dustclan(Leader is Moonstar)

Leader: Brislestar

Deputy: Stonejaw

1 Splashfur
2 Littletail
3 Fogleap
4 Cindeye
5 Tawnymoon
6 Leapordheart
7 Creekshadow
8 Talonpelt
9 Frostedeye
10 N/A
11 N/A
1 Brightfur
2 Wildrose
3 N/A
1 Littlekit [Brightfur’s kit
2 Rushingkit [Brightfur’s kit
3 Cloverkit [Brightfur’s kit
4 Vixenkit[ Wildrose’s kit
5 Hollowkit[Wildrose’s kit
6 Adderkit[Wildrose’s kit
7 N/A
8 N/A
Med Cat: Maplepool
1 Heatherpaw(Pelt)
2 Dawnpaw(Feather)
3 Spottedpaw(Stone)
That’s Shiverclan! And here is Hawkclan, my personal favorite clan!
Leader: Sandstar. A female cream pointed siamese with sky blue eyes. Great at hunting and is very loving.

Deputy: Redfern, A male dark red/ginger cat, The jokester of the clan. Great mate and deputy. Smart when it comes to strategy and planning attacks.

1 Rushingstorm
2 Swiftpaw
3 Frostsong
4 Meadowgaze
5 Croweye
6 Thornclaw
7 Nightleap
8 Bearheart
9 Sunshadow
1 Streampelt(Mates with Sunshadow
2 Robinpelt (Hasn’t had kits yet. Mates with Nightleap
1 Tanglekit(Streampelt’s kit
2 Mistkit(Streampelt’s kit
3 Petalkit(Streampelt’s kit
4 Shadowkit(Streampelt’s kit
5 N/A
6 N/A
7 N/A
8 N/A
Med Cat: Slickpelt
1 Owlpaw(Croweye’s apprentice(Eyes)
2 Dustpaw(Redferns apprentice(Tail)
3 Finchpaw(Bearheart apprentice(Feather)
4 Rainpaw(Frostsong’s apprentince)(Song)
5 N/A
Sorry the post is so long, but if you have any questions, just ask away!
-Sandstar, leader of Hawkclan

Clan names

I am making custom Clans Across sun-drown-place.
I have Lichenclan, leader: Moonstar
Ashclan, leader: Webstar
Meadowclan, leader: ???star
???clan, leader: ???star.
As you can see, I need some help.
Also, do you think it is OK if across the ocean, the warrior code is different and med. cats can have kits, and half clan relationships are accepted?


I need help in my Fanfiction. Robinfeather is a kind and polite former medicine cat. Other cats might think she is a goody four paws, but she CAN fight. She has a tortoiseshell pelt with amber eyes.
Feathermaw is a stubborn and brave tom. He looks intimidating and stubborn but he is mostly shy. He has a grey pelt with blue eyes.
Cottonstar was a rouge but she became the leader of CottonClan. Cottonstar says what she feels. She doesn’t let anyone mess with her. Her siblings teased her a lot because of her name. She got strong from that. Cottonstar is white with green eyes.
First of all, does that all sound right? I think it does. Second of all, RobinfeatherxFeathermaw or CottonstarxFeathermaw? I feel like Cottonstar is more of a hard worker but she might need a mate too. Robinfeather seems like a good mate for Feathermaw to me but I want your opinion.